Amplify 4 Good | CARE Catalyst Ignite! Innovation Lab
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CARE Catalyst Ignite! Innovation Lab

Internal Innovation Labs
Employee Professional Development, Human Resources
About This Project

For the last 2 years (2012 – 2013), the Human Resources department of CARE USA has organized a 10-month leadership development program highlighted by a 7-day on-site training experience for emerging executives from its country offices around the world. The organization had been using a case study competition to drive teamwork. Case studies, although useful when helping leaders identify real-world scenarios, are not designed to directly solve internal challenges or convey a skill set. CARE USA needed a more interactive experience that taught innovation and ensured the best ideas didn’t become inactive after the competition.

Amplify 4 Good was hired to teach CARE’s emerging leaders entrepreneurial skills and facilitate a two-day immersive rapid problem-solving event. Four internal challenges were solved, and 100% of the participants learned a new skill set.


+Management Level Employee Participants: 30

+Top Entrepreneurs & Innovators Served As Mentors: 14

+Teams: 6

+Challenges: 2

+Ideas Implemented: 2