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Innovation Labs

Innovation Labs

Internal Innovation Labs

Intense and immersive experiences where your co-workers learn the mindset, processes, and tools used by top entrepreneurs and social innovators while working on challenges faced by your organization.

External Innovation Labs

Immersive experiences where a curated group of top 3rd-party entrepreneurs and social innovators collaborate to develop creative strategies and technology to solve challenges faced by your organization.


A hackathon is an event in which computer programmers and others involved in software development, such as interface designers and project managers, collaborate intensively on software projects.

Corporate Commer. Labs

Hackathon-formatted experiences where startups, mid-sized companies, and newly formed teams compete for contracts by developing innovative solutions to your most pressing problems.

Member Engagement Labs

Similar to Internal Innovation Labs, Member Engagements Lab are where current members and/or alumni collaborate to develop creative solutions for challenges faced by your organization.

Pop-Up Innovation Labs

Designed to move conversations from conferences/panels toward solution using minimal infrastructure, Pop-Up Innovation Labs help attendees to generate innovative ideas for solutions within 2 hours.

Let’s work together to design¬†an innovation lab.

Social Impact Consulting

Program Design

Our team will help identify innovation objectives, goals, opportunities, and design the final innovation lab concept as well as plan and produce an amazing experience.

Challenge Discovery

We help determine which challenges the lab should solve by discovering pain points as well as developing problem stories and custom challenge presentations.

Production & Facilitation

Our team will manage productivity and drive outcomes of a competitive environment where attendees learn about challenges, break into teams to solve them, and present their ideas.

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